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Amp-hours +2 display blank

This weekend after changing out my house and starter batteries on my boat the Amp-hour+2 display went blank and is no longer showing either voltage or amps. The display is totally blank as though it's not getting any power.

Wondering if you have a user manual for this meter including typical wiring diagrams or if you have any suggestions on how to go about trouble shooting the meter/display

It's a Amp-Hours+2 unit and has two switches. One to switch between volts and amps and the second switch to switch between battery bank 1 or 2.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer. I can send pictures of the meter if that helps.

Pat Smith

patricksmithpmp      05:56 - 31 Jul 2022


09:08 - 24 Aug 2022

I messaged Cruising Equip. Co. to ask if they would fix the https://www.... Show More

I messaged Cruising Equip. Co. to ask if they would fix the page to include that manual. They have the Link 100-200 manual.pdf listed twice by mistake -- under the Amp-hours +2 display spot and the Link 100-200 spot on that page. Less

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